At Healthy Hounds Kitchen, we share a love and passion for dogs and our mission is to make sure we provide a healthy, balanced diet for our canine family members. We have a simple philosophy that wellness begins with a healthy lifestyle and a wholesome and nutritious diet – we believe that our dogs, and yours, deserve that level of care and attention. After all, a healthy hound is a happy hound.

Unfortunately, this thought process does not always resonate in the dog food industry, which is flooded with products made from feed-grade, low quality ingredients, and fillers containing little to no nutritional value. The foods that are currently available can vary drastically in quality and consistency and this can present dangers that we aim to avoid at all costs. As informed pet owners we were inspired to create Healthy Hounds Kitchen – for our dogs and yours.

We oversee each step of the preparation process to ensure that our meals are complete and balanced, and formulated to meet the nutritional requirements for your dog at all stages of life. Our recipes start with only USDA certified meats and produce, cooked minimally to maintain all the naturally available nutrients. Once cooled, we seal and package each meal, which is available fresh or frozen. Our recipes will never contain feed-grade ingredients, artificial additives, or preservatives.

Our open kitchen is a testament to our customers. We believe that you should know exactly what you’re feeding your dogs, so we welcome you (and your dogs) to visit our kitchen and see just what goes into our meals, from preparation to cooking to packaging.